Welcome to English at “The Edge”! 

The world has changed.  And, public education must keep pace with that change.  It is imperative that we utilize technology to create a community of creative learners. We can no longer live in isolation– this is a global society. As a result, we must work collabroatively to offer growth opportunities to insure our students will be able to compete for employment on the ‘world-wide’ stage of their future.

This is the beginning of a wonderful educational adventure for students. Much success will be had in English at ‘The Edge’ by those students taking these steps:

  1. Maintain focus in the classroom & eagerly participate in all discussions;
  2. Complete all assignments with 100% effort;
  3. Turn in all assignments on time;
  4. Go beyond the classroom to build experiences and understandings;
  5. Be respectful of self, others, and property;
  6. Maintain a positive attitude and persevere.

Students in English at ‘The Edge’ are  lead to a door that opens to stellar educational opportunities that will allow them to acquire necessary skills that will lead to a bright future. But, the choice to walk through that door and take advantage of all that is available is their own.  Let’s work together to ensure that success is had by all.

–Ms. Debb Draudt

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