The English at ‘The Edge” website allows us to work together to share ideas, to work collaboratively on a project, and to help each other learn.  Netiquette is the term used to describe the various ways we interact socially online. Here are some Netiquette Rules to remember when posting:

  1. BE SAFE.  Do not post personal information about yourself or others, such as ages, addresses, towns, phone numbers, or even places that are visited on the internet.
  2. BE TRUTHFUL.  Use correct facts from reliable, credible sources.Netiquette
  3. CHECK IT.  Read it, re-read it, and proof-read it BEFORE you click enter. Use spellcheck and double-check for accuracy.  When you are certain about your post, then hit SAVE.
  4. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.  Be sure to follow the directions that are given for
    the assignment, as well as keep ‘on topic’.
  5. EDIT CAREFULLY.  Do not delete someone’s work deliberately unless it is part of the editing process.
  6. BE NICE.  Words can hurt…Remember to treat others like you want to be treated.

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