Shining Stars


STARS Team 2013-2014

 “I Remember”

by Joe Schmoe

I REMEMBER shyly strolling into Edgewood the first day of school, and feeling nervous and embarrassed because I could not get my locker open.

I REMEMBER reading THE OUTSIDERS in December, and how it taught me that everyone has problems and to “Stay Gold.”

I REMEMBER the most ‘horrible, no good, very bad day’ was when I tripped and fell, and everybody in the class looked and laughed at me.

I REMEMBER planting flowers at the front of the school after reading the book SEEDFOLKS, and how it made me feel good to ‘give back’ by being a part of our Community Garden’.

I REMEMBER the Akron Aeros Ball Game field trip, and eating a hot dog and walking around with my friends and laughing and having lots of fun.

I REMEMBER being on the STARS TEAM, because we learned a lot—and it was so much fun!


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