My Thoughts about “Seventh Grade”

At the end of the story, “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto,  the narrator states that Victor “was going to like seventh grade.

Prompt:  “What are three things you think YOU are going to like about seventh grade?

Directions:  Write your response to the prompt in the form of a paragraph.  Be sure to include the following:

  • topic sentence that repeats as much of the prompt as possible
  • 3+ detail sentences with evidence/examples/explanations from your personal experiences
  • 3+ transition words to connect your ideas
  • concluding sentence that restates what the paragraph was about to wrap things up


 Note about Posting:  Please use the first number of your class period + first name + last INITIAL to sign in. [example:  1JoeS]


My Thoughts About The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton

Prompt:  One of the reasons we read literature is to learn fromUnknown others experiences. What have you learned about yourself, others, the world,  and/or life from reading this novel? 

Directions:  Write your response to the prompt in the form of a paragraph.  Be sure to include the following:

  • topic sentence that repeats as much of the prompt as possible
  • 3+ detail sentences with evidence/examples/explanations from your personal experiences
  • 3+ transition words to connect your ideas
  • concluding sentence that restates what the paragraph was about to wrap things up
  • use formal English; grammar, punctuation & capitalization all count!

 Note about Posting:  Please use the first number of your class period + first name + last INITIAL to sign in.

  • example:  1JoeS




Biography/Autobiography Book

Prompt:  What is the title, author, and subject of your reading?  What were the obstacles the subject of the book you read had to face? How did the subject persevere?  What have you learned about the subjects character?  How can you apply this to your own life?  Use as many words from the prompt as possible, write in complete sentences, and use proper English. 


A “First” in My Life

thThink about something you accomplished that you are proud of and that, perhaps, made you realize you were gaining more responsibility or maturity,  It could be a ‘first’ soccer goal, a first “A” in a difficult subject, or a first competition in which you earned recognition.  It could also be something that you remember from your childhood:  the first time you tied your shoe, the first time you rode your bike, or the first time you went to school. Now, write a ‘first’ poem about the experience.



69 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Kalahari was humongous
    A lot of people
    Lots of laughter
    All of the water slides
    Having a lot of fun
    Amazing time
    Rushing water
    I love kalahari

  2. The first time I played the violin
    It screeched in the grip of my hands
    proping the violin on my shoulder
    The bow reserected it
    I was meant for this
    In rows of tiered stairs chairs sat
    dusty wood mixed with perfume drenched the air
    unknown notes littered the page
    Playing to my own beat
    I was ready

  3. Should have learned earlier
    Having known I needed to know how to tie my shoes
    On that very day
    Even my friends and I learned that
    Shoes were really easy to tie

  4. School in the summer time sweating all day,the last day of school

    Hot day with a cool breeze and we run in Gym

    Outside for recess my shoe is untied on the blacktop I trip

    End of the day I learn to tie my shoes

    School is out and summer begins

  5. “How high is it
    I wondered?”
    Graving onto the rope,
    Having only one hand to use
    On the ropes strength,
    People cheered me on,
    Especially the teachers and
    On me,I said,
    “Um,How long will this take?”
    It was a really long fall
    Seeing that we were 50ft high,
    Even though we were high,I went on the zip line.

  6. First day of football, Coach has on the field warming up and running plays, its the afternoon time MHS field my fam was there watching. Then we go up for the coin toss, Monsters win we choose defense. its medina monsters vs highland hornets. All people here is pads popping fans screaming coachs screaming and you can smell the fresh cut grass when you walk on the field. And in the end monsters win !!! we have been to the championship 4yrs in a row we won 2 and lost 2 we have been 16-0 15-1 15-1 and 16-0 we were a bomb team. The End.

  7. But only a little girl at the time
    Everyone judged me when I went to a new school
    In my heart was a sinking sensation
    Nobody ever talked to me, but only behind my back
    Girls even guys didn’t like me, but

    All the girls who were pretty but always judged befriended me

    Liking me enough, we formed a group of only us
    Everyone called us “Bad Girls” because if someone ever hurt my friend, I defended them
    All of the school knew I was quiet, but figured I was weak when they all saw me
    during the next year, it was my last day before I moved
    Every popular girl followed us into the bathroom and tried to start a fight with a friend
    Raging, I stepped forward and spoke to the girls leaving them to cry; not yelling at them

    The group saw me as a protector, someone to lead them
    Off we went as I guided the rest of the group through the tough times

    From the time I was in third grade to now,
    Relying on only my spirit,
    I always had sworn
    Even in the toughest situation,
    Never forget someone, but always be there to help and lead
    Defend them if nesissary
    Someone will always need help, and only a true person will be there to do it,

  8. We walk up to the old house.
    Creaking as it sways.
    Up the crookid steps.
    Oders of rotting wood hit us in the face.
    Up the steps i go hereing loud cracking noises.
    Suddnly one leg deep.
    fallen in the steps.
    Screaming as something strokes my leg.
    Dashing up the steps they come.
    Pulling me out.
    Limping home, exhausted and scared.

  9. The first time I
    Rode a bike, I was at
    My friends house.
    Her name is Kaitlyn.
    She had a pink bike and
    A determined mind.
    We went outside and she
    Instructed what i should do.
    We went to the garage to find
    It was locked. Her father came
    Shortly, and we had the bike.
    I started to peddle with her
    Holding on the bike, but when she
    Let go, I fell. This happened on
    Several occasions. After a long
    Time,I finally did not fall
    And started riding in a
    Circle. Her mother
    Congratulated us with
    Fruit punch and
    The rest is history.

  10. my first play station ever was when i was a little kid i liked when i was the first pirson that got it in the world because my once my uncle workes there so i got what ever i what to get i can get a sony tv when ever i like my uncle because i get what ever i what frome him

  11. As our team got off the bus
    We got all our stuff
    We walked in.
    The building the smell
    of rubber and food
    got us hungry
    We went backstage
    to practice
    It was about an hour before we
    got on stage
    everyone cheered
    we waited till the cheering was
    over, so we could start
    when we got off the stage
    we watched the other teams.
    then when everyone
    was done all the teams sat on the
    cheer floor
    they were giving teams
    then they called first place
    and it was EdgeWood middle school
    all our hard work paid off
    it was the happiest moment ever.

  12. The First Time I Cooked

    I’ve been cooking for four years now.
    It’s something I enjoy doing
    and can easily remember learning.

    My first meal
    was a gourmet spaghetti with sausage.
    I made the whole thing myself.
    I was only ten.

    I recall preparing the boiler pot
    and putting the noodles in hot water.
    I cut the Italian Sausage
    into four separate strips
    and fried them in Corolla Oil.

    I minced peppers,
    red, green, and yellow,
    and sauteed them
    along with mushrooms and onions.

    I tended to the sausage
    the meat let off a enticing aroma
    as I cut it into bite-sized pieces.

    When everything was nearly finished
    I heated the robust sauce
    and mixed the vegetables and sausage together.

    When it was all finished
    I put it on three plates
    added garnish
    and seasoning
    and served it to my family.
    They all agreed
    that it was one of the best meals
    they ever had.

  13. Dad brought a dirt bike home
    It was a nice dirt bike
    Really anxious to ride it
    The car ride felt like it was forever
    Before I was nervous
    It was really fast
    Kind of loud
    Everyone said that I am good at riding

  14. Mom’s house in wooster
    And i was leaning to
    Cook my first food
    Around the kicrtion area
    Near the stove,
    Dug out the strainer and put it on the
    Counter for it to be used
    Hot noodles and water pouring in to the strainer
    Even through the pot was hot i put my hand on it
    Excited to get the meal done, when i
    Smelled the noodles they smelled great
    Even when the water was boiling

  15. Play station portable for a christmas present.
    I was surprised that I got it.
    it’s better to play with it on tv.
    tv split in half.
    closer to me, just pushed buttons on psp for it to work.
    started freezing when I used it.
    had to turn on and off.
    it kept freezing.
    would charge, but on and off butten wouldnt work.
    os it died.

  16. the first time i got a phone
    i remember getting a smartphone
    and getting ready to open it, set it up and activate it
    when i walked out of the sprint store
    with my new phone i was so excited
    to get it ready to play with it
    then i got a 4G LTE tablet for christmas
    and it was fast like my new phone
    that is one of my most vivid memories.

  17. Kalahari it was amazing walking with a smile on my face.
    Candy, water parks, restaurants, it was beautiful.
    it was a long way there

  18. i got all strapped up and was ready to go. a little push and i was on my way. passing tall beautiful trees, nobody could stop me. i was Fluttering in the air Like a butterfly. then i came to a halt. You’d never believe i walked up another flight of stairs to get to the tower and then i jumped off. I went faster this time and saw tons of animals. then all of the fun stopped. i Never wanted to get off the zip line. but we Grabbed our stuff and left, hoping that we could come next year.

  19. My First Time Moving to Another State

    Many Boxes
    Ohio to Arkansas
    Very sad
    In a new state
    New Memories
    Goodbye friends and family

  20. My first in-depth character (This is his description.)

    The insanity grows,
    Horror within my bones,
    Everlasting torture.

    Paying the price for pain,
    Leaving me to die in vain,
    Agony and fear,
    Growing hatered,
    Uniting fear, with pain,
    Ending in calling my name…

  21. My first
    Ride with dad
    Earned it

    Right time of year
    I was scared

  22. My First Best Friend

    By the time I got to the classroom

    Everyone was chatting to one another

    Since I was new her

    There was nobody

    Finally I walked up and

    Requested someone to be my friend

    In a mean manner she walked away

    Everywhere I turned people had at least one person

    Now that I was humiliated

    Disappointed I almost didn’t notice that a girl had walked up to me

    She asked me if we could be friends I smiled and nodded.

  23. My First Competition

    Proud of myself
    Tiring to be there all day
    Tough to do well
    Outrageously huge

  24. my first

    Ride with dad
    Earned it

    Right time of year
    I was scared

  25. My First Fracture

    F ractured
    R ight
    A nkle;
    C aused by a
    T ackle;
    U nbelievably painful and
    R eally swollen; went to
    E mergency room;
    D octor gave me a soft cast

  26. My first time going to school

    Kindergarten was soon starting
    I was six years old and very excited
    Not to mention being nervous
    Doing my hair and getting dressed,
    Eventually it was time to get on the bus
    Really, I was going to miss my mom
    Giving her a big hug
    And she told me to have a good day
    Ready for my day, I left
    Trying to make friends and be nice
    Everything went well that day
    Never once did I look back

  27. The first time I raced a 200m dash for the school

    heart racing, brain thrilled
    jogged around and stretched
    the wind, steady and cool, clouds not stormy.
    Watched friends, cheering, talking
    speaker clicks, “First call 200m dash.”
    Heart bounding.
    Gunman lined us, I the second
    Gunman fired the first time, I jumped
    my turn to run.
    Stared at the finish line,
    the flag turn red to white the gunman signaling the timers
    “On your marks.” I settle in my blocks
    “Get set.” ready to bolt
    I run, strong stride, build speed
    turn the curve, people cheer me on, boost
    legs burning, push on
    all the energy I have left, full on charge
    I did my best

  28. The First Time I rode A four wheeler

    Fun to ride in summer
    Outside a lot when I ride it
    Undoubtably a very fun outside activity
    Ride it on a trail
    Wind blows i n your face when you ride
    Everyday I ride
    Love the thrill
    Everybody in my family rides
    Ride fast

  29. The First Time I Went FIshing

    Fun sport
    Interesting activity do to do
    Hard to do
    Intense when the fish was on the hook
    Gorgeous view

  30. At midmorning we left.
    Right away from vancover, washington
    On june 1st.
    Under a brige.
    Next to oregon we.
    Decided for lunch.

    After we went on to.
    Missuri to utah and.
    Exited to ohio at a.
    Really weird night.
    It was 10:00pm at night.
    Close to 11:00pm.
    After is were i fell asleep

  31. My First Xbox

    got my first xbox
    so exited.
    took it out of the box and set it up
    went out and bought a bunch of games
    played my xbox a lot now
    but not so much
    that thats all I do
    like the xbox because
    can not only play games
    can also get on the internet and
    get apps
    share my xbox with my brother
    because if If he wants to play it
    don’t see why I cant let him play it

  32. First time riding a dirt bike

    Dad bought me my dirt bike
    I when’t into the woods with grandpa
    Ride and enjoying time with grandpa
    Take off with a jerk

    Back for food
    I grilled burgers
    Keep riding
    Everyone’s having fun

  33. Lacrosse players
    Agility and Ability
    Cleats and eye protction
    R-gold /signal
    Our one true love
    Sticks in hand ready to win the draw
    Scoreing leads to winnig
    Energy is most inportant thing

  34. Packed the truck. Picked up Chuck.
    shot a duck. Put it in the truck.
    We made it to the land . I listen to my band I rode my bike through the sand . Has ben fun but now you should run there is A bear behind you son.

  35. Happy and exited
    Until a deer
    Nothing yet
    Till I see a deer
    I shot and kill the deer
    Nothing after that
    Gone we went home

  36. My First Day Of School

    My first day of school began with fear.

    With a fear the burned colder then death itself.

    This was my first day of school at Melrose Elementary School in the 2nd grade classroom
    of Mrs Booker.

    As I walked the narrow hallways of sin to my class, i am unaware of the lurking

    For that whole day I was a ball of clay and the school was the oven.

    Like sand to glass, iron to steel, I would be strengthened and walk with out my

    For this was the first day of school for me.

    This was the day I would be a man.

  37. My first bowling experience.

    Boss like a professional
    Over powering kids
    Wild colors of bowling balls
    lanes ready and oiled
    Interesting shoes with flames
    Narily throws all over
    Gutters for days

    Awesome curve
    Loud thuds agents the floor
    Legal sport
    Estimating the throw
    Young and free

  38. C-hinese restaurant in canton
    R- ed and juicy skin
    A-wsome flavor with a hint of cheese
    B-buttery sauce tasted so scrumptious

  39. My First Cheer Competition

    We prep for months and today was the day.
    I got my uniform on and bow and white sneakers and was ready to go.
    Then we all piled into a car and off we want.

    We got to the place we need to be my dad and my brother went to park the car and find seats.
    Me and my mom want on into the place and found my team.
    When we finally found them it hit me the smell of beauty product and food.
    We prep one last time and fix some things.

    Finally we went out on the stage and we rock it.
    It was so brint yiu cond not see the crond and so noisey you cond hare them ether.
    Then out that comed dowen and we got owe matols and want home.

    The end

  40. My First SOFTBALL game
    the game was Scary but fun.i was in the Outfield during the first was Frustrating when i didn’t catch the Team mates encouraged me to keep trying.when i looked around their were Bats and balls i walked up to bat people were shouting “you got this Andrea”.Lots of people came to watch the game and at he end Lots of people congratulated me.

  41. My First Time at a Watermark…

    Was very warm an wet from people swimming
    Awesome water slides and rides
    Toilet bowl ride
    Ridiculous lines to stand in waiting for a slide to go on
    Parking spaces were limited
    Amazing food and bed
    Rooms were large and fair
    Kids were very loud

  42. The first time I broke my leg

    it was a september 1st the day after my birth day.
    I was a at my grandparents house riding my bike like usually
    but that day I had made the mistake of making a hard turn
    on gravel at speeds of 10-15 mph.
    Then it happens my bicycle jerks me over and
    give me a $600 birthday present the first thing
    I notice is my left foot if flopping from side to side
    I try to stand up I felt a lot of pain and at that point a red flag was rasied then I knew something was wrong at first it stunk a lot
    but i got a week off from school then I realized that is wasn’t that bad
    it stunk at times but for all i care that bike can burn and suffer
    in a dark,deep,1134ish 1134 hole and then be crushed by Satan himself

  43. Frist Time Drawing Anime

    Hot, beautiful morning yet bordem
    eating me on the inside.
    Having nothing to accomplish
    and nothing to have in my hands.
    I stray from my room.

    I make my way to the room.
    Room of internet where im able to
    look at what I please at the moment.

    Putting ‘pencil drawing’ in the search bar
    on expecting the ussual. However I found myself
    on a drawing of big eyes and destinct desings.
    A little something called Anime.

    Listening to the beat beat beat of my music
    I again go to my search bar. This time, no
    kittens nor band pictures, but Anime.

    The thing that touched my eyes were the
    the people told of sadness, or happiness,
    or even anger. The feelings poring out of
    the pencil marks to such vivide stories I
    could write a book and it couldnt be better.

    Cathcing myself upon a specific drawing,
    of a girl cloked in a hood. Her eyes bolded
    with emotion, her cloke waved with realism,
    and her face shocked with fear.

    I was drawing for many seconds, fewer
    minutes, and tiny hours for the cloked girl.
    Finally with a breath of confedince i lay my
    pencil down. Examining the paper adding more
    releasim sometimes. I was finished and proud.

    I walk away from the room to show my parents.
    From there on Anime was something that held
    on to me and my friends giving suport made
    me attach to this more and more. This was my first
    Anime drawing but never my last.

  44. My First Dream About a green game disc

    All of the

    Really Bizarre

    Imagination and

  45. Cedar point.
    Defiantly consider riding everything.
    Amazing rides.
    Riding up and down and over the water.

    People screaming and shouting.
    Over people you go.
    In the tunnels.
    Never letting go.
    That is an amazing journey.

  46. Once we got to the
    competition we went to
    a room and started
    practicing as our turn
    came up we went to the
    practice mats and did
    our routine full out
    shortly after that it was
    our turn to go out
    we set our pom-poms
    down and walked out smiling
    at the judges and family
    members after we where done
    we hurried to our seats
    to watch 8th grade
    they did really good
    when awards came both
    7th and 8th grade won
    first place we where all
    very happy about it.

  47. It was my first day of ______ ever. Super interested in where I was at Curious about where I was going to Happy to see a friend there Oblivious to all the things I would learn there Ogled at the toy fire-truck Leaped at the toy fire truck

  48. My First Big Fish

    Brought my fishing gear to river

    I picked a spot

    Gathered bait

    Flopped my line in the water

    I hooked a big fish

    Slowly reeled it in

    Held it up high and took a picture

  49. I walked into the classroom
    which looked like a dungeon.
    No windows seeing into the outside world.
    People were already in the room
    but I wasn’t the last one in.
    Some people I knew, some people i didn’t.
    The tall skinny teacher walked in the room.
    Señor Bobola
    He is a cool guy,
    or so my brother says.
    He gave us a packet
    and was testing us to
    see what we knew
    about spanish already.
    Then we got out spanish names.
    Mine being Héctor,
    I waled out of the room smiling.

  50. The First Time I Made a Person of Snow

    I stand alone as icy wind sets me to chill
    Vrooms and beeps pass by with their cars
    I make three small spheres of snow
    Making each larger as I pack upon more snow
    I then stack the spheres
    Two sticks for arms
    A carrot nose
    Eyes and mouth made of snow
    A baby blue scarf with golden flowers is placed around the neck
    As I take in the full view it becomes a person of snow

  51. My first time playing Football

    F – un but I was also nervous
    O – nly first grader on our team
    O – nly person on the field without experience
    T – he fastest one on our team
    B – ecause I was the youngest I was one of the best on the team
    A – lthoguh it was my first year , I’ve gotten better
    L – ittlest one on the team ( in size )
    L – ooked like a little girl

  52. My first time trying a new sport

    New at throwing shot
    Excited to throw
    Wanted to try a new sport
    Scared at first
    Older kids helped me
    Record Throw
    Parents are proud of me
    Throwing is very fun to do!

  53. P eople on the plan were smelly and weried.
    L eft side of the isle is where i sat,
    A nd it was horable because it wasnt by the window.
    N ever did I want to sit next to the isle again,
    E veryone was walking past, you can only look at your seat and play on your phone it wasnt that great because I wanted to sit next to the window and look at everything below me

  54. My First Roller Coater Ride

    I was scared
    it smelled sweet
    like funnel cake
    we got in line
    my stomach in knots
    tears of fear
    rolling off my body
    we inched closer
    with each step
    I got scared
    more and more
    we got on
    I felt like crying
    then it shot off
    I was thrilled
    I imagined
    I was flying
    through the air
    twisting flipping
    rolling and diving
    it was over
    I was sad

    Stunned when uncle asked me if i wanted to shoot my gun
    Hurried outside to shoot
    Offered brother go first
    Off came safety
    Took caps off scope
    In sight of target
    Nailing target with cross hairs
    Gun went bang

  56. My first Time I scored a lacrosse goal

    As I ran down
    the field as fast
    I could. I hurried
    and passed it of.
    I ran to the middle
    seeing the defense
    split. Ian passed to
    me I caught it and
    threw it. The ball hit
    the back of the net.
    I jumped up and down
    and then my teammates
    all jumped on me. The
    Crowed cheered

  57. The First Time I Broke Up With A Guy

    I was staring at my phone,
    It’s kind of like karma,
    Since he asked me out,
    Via message, and now
    I’m breaking up with him,
    Via message.

    After being a coward
    I put on my big boy pants,
    And messaged him, “Hi.”
    The minutes that it took
    him to reply,
    felt like forever.

    He replied with a, “Hey.”
    That made my already anxious self,
    Fill with even more anxiety.
    “I can’t do this,” I had replied,
    with my hands trembling.

    The main reason I was doing this,
    Was because of the gaps,
    In time of how often we
    Have a decent conversation.

    The, “What?” he replied
    With, made me confused,
    Because I thought it had
    Been implied in my
    Previous message.

    “Us.” I replied,
    And I felt worry
    Explode into every
    Single bone in my body.
    I guess it made me a
    Little angry that he replied
    with, “Ok.”
    I really don’t want to
    Ever do that again.

  58. My First Home run
    It was a cold windy night
    Tied 5 a piece
    I come to bat
    Hit and run was on
    Pitcher winds and throws
    I can’t hold back
    I swing and connect
    The ball flies high
    As I round the bases I can’t
    Believe what I have done
    The pitcher is stunned

  59. The first time I played golf.

    It all started when
    my dad played golf
    at Orrville High School
    he fell in love with golf.
    When my mom was
    about to have me
    my dad got me my first
    junior set.
    When I learned to
    walk I also learned how
    to swing correctly.
    At my daycare center
    there was a golf clinic
    for the older kids but, the
    guy let some young
    kids hit. The guy told
    my parents that I was
    really good. From then
    on I try to do something
    everyday to help myself
    get better and better everyday.

  60. My first time making a three.

    Someone passed me the ball. I dribbled
    Down the court. When I got to the three point line,
    The coach told me to shoot. I shot
    The ball. The ball went straight in
    The hoop. All we could hear was “Swish.”
    My coach smiled. He said “I knew you would make it.
    My dad was proud. He said out loud, “That’s my son!”

  61. “The first time I waxed someones eyebrows”

    The first time I waxed
    Someones eyebrows was
    A sticky mess.
    Golden honey based honey,
    gooey clumps of cotton,
    and stray hairs
    were smudged across the counter
    My sister was the guinea pig,
    the brave solder
    who stepped up to the plate.
    She is now left with a
    battle scar.
    She made me promise
    and take an oath
    saying that I would
    never ever
    attempt to was again.
    and to this day we still
    laugh at the memories.

  62. First Time I Got a Phone

    Woke up,
    Got out of bed,
    I was told to get ready,
    I got dressed,
    Slipped on my shoes,
    Got in the car,
    Went to the store,
    Looked for one,
    Found one,
    The perfect one for me.

    Bought it,
    Got in the car,
    I was so excited,
    Went home,
    It felt like forever,
    Got home,
    Turned on my phone,
    I was so happy.

  63. Before are game to day this is the champinship game
    All of use are ride to win
    Some of use were scared becouse they are the best team and they ever lost
    Knew they though that they were going to we but we are faster then they are
    Even if they are bigger but we will win this game
    Timmy said that they do not what to be here you can win
    Before you take that court live it all on the line
    About there are 30sec
    Left we are down by 3
    Lob it over to kobe 3 2 1 he shoot it’s like the hole world stops and looks at the ball bam we winever won gose crazy

  64. My first skate comp that I joined and felt good about

    Before it had all started I was at the skatepark with one
    of my friends named Dylan and when we got their we
    saw puddles.

    So after we swept them and the sun finally came out, we
    were off to skate and get ready but I didn’t know what to
    do so I just skated with my mind.

    Next thing I know people just start coming like crazy
    zombies or something and I turn and see one of the best
    Wooster skater trying to ollie over this bar railing.

    Towards the end I realized that if I didn’t join I would
    have missed the fun and I got 2nd.

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