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Miss Debb & Miss Hsu

‘Miss Debb’ and Miss Hsu began their friendship in 2010 as a result of the Ohio Department of Education and Taiwan Ministry of Education jointly-sponsored Teaching in Taiwan program.  Taking a two-year sabbatical from Wooster City Schools in Wooster, Ohio, Debb Draudt travelled to teach alongside Cerita Hsu at Siang He Elementary School in Chiayi, Taiwan. The cultural exchange program, which began in 2010 between American students while ‘Miss Debb’ was in Taiwan, is continuing to provide opportunities for students to learn about another culture very different from their own.




Asian Food


Merry Christmas!

Chinese New Year


 2014-15 PenPal Exchange

2013-14 Spring PenPal Exchange

Autumn PenPal Exchange

Siang He Penpal Postcards [October 2013]

 Siang He Students [October 2012]

Ohio in the Fall
Ohio weather in the Fall is cool. The leaves turn yellow, red and brown colors and fall from the trees. Acorns [seeds] from the oak trees drop to the ground. Ohio is very beautiful in Autumn.

Hello from America – Fall 2012


Winter PenPal Exchange

Ohio in the Winter

Ohio weather in the winter season is cold. It is a time when everyone wears heavy coats, winter gloves, and hats and scarves. The leaves have fallen off the trees, except for the evergreen trees. Snow falls from the sky and covers the earth. Sometimes there is a lot of snow on the ground. When this happens, some people like to build a snowman. Often there is no school because there is so much snow. Children love it!




Chinese New Year Greetings


Spring 2013

Students in America receive their penpals from Sianghe Elementary School in Taiwan and then reply via messanging on the Sianghe Cultural Exchange Blog.  Isn’t technology wonderful for staying connected?! Gotta love it!!!


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