Cluster 1: How Could the Holocaust Happen?


  • How a Holocaust Happens [Movie Clip: “Freedom Writers”]: 


  1. “The Ball” by Hans Peter Richter [short story]
  2. “Family Album” by  Amos Neufeld [poem]
  3. “An Anti-Semitic Demonstration” by Gail Newman  [poem]
  4. “Crystal Night” by Lyn Lifshin [poem]

Cluster 2: How Were the Victims Oppressed?



  • “A Spring Morning” by Ida Fink [short story]
  • ” A Survivor Remembers” by Berek Lastarus [oral history]

Cluster 3: Was There Resistance?

  • “The White Rose” {Mass} by Jacob G. Hornberger.Sophie Scholl & The White Rose Trial
  • The White Rose Song by George Donaldson: 
    The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1943

     Cluster 4:

    Why Should We Remember?


    •  “Letter from Dachau” by 1st Lt. William J. Cowling [letter]
    • “The Power of Light” by Isaac Bashevis Singer [short story]
    • Symbolism
    • Glogster Project:  Symbolism in “The Power of Light”

 Cluster 5:

Given the History of Prejudice in the United States,

Could a Holocaust Happen Here?

  • Small Group Project Requirements

  • How to Create a Good Poster

November 2012 Student Project

Refugees in America:  The Story of ‘Suzy & Leah’

“Suzy and Leah” by Jane Yolen


Writing a Diary


Webquest: The Diaries of the Holocaust

Anne Frank and Her Diary

Diary Writing Project


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